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Steve Stephens has be found dead!
He was spotted in a McDonald's parking lot by a pedestrian and reported. The police found his body in Pittsburgh. He shot himself in the head.
Please be safe and aware if you live in Ohio or any surrounding states! Steve Stephens is still at large ( I don't see how ) and is considered armed and dangerous.

If you dont know what I'm talking about. A man by the name of Steve Stephens, or Stevie Steve, shot and killed 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. in Cleveland, Ohio on Easter Sunday around 2 pm. The event was streamed on Facebook live! His reasoning is financial problems, relationship problems, and work problems. He has also claimed to have killed at least 15 other people but it's not confirmed.

Please report any info you have on this man immediately. He deserves a painful death for his actions.

More info here:…
( Not a link to the shooting video. Please do not watch it if you are uncomfortable with irl death and killing )

Verified gofundme page:…
Hey, please roast me. Comment here to the roast the shit outta me. Do it.
If you hate me but still use my stamps, who really wins in the end? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Considering making a new icon

Either Link or Master Hiroshi
Or something else
keep minors away from sex and kinks.
Its so great being mistaken for a Hispanic by an actual racist.
When I'm not.
Hey kids!
Our lord and savior has finally replied to one of status posts and it's a doozey!!
Be prepared for a reply post! (:
Any screenshots welcome!
"a lot of the cg/l community is full of nasty, hateful, and violent people"

I almost spit out my coffee at this, I ... Can't stop laughing!!!

Do you live in America? Yes? Then he is. Not sorry to say.
Don't live in America? Then there's no point in saying that then, cunt.
Fuck anyone who has participated in the women's march. Y'all need a good fucking anyway. Maybe that stick in your ass will be gone.
I know I'm like a day or two late but ... If any of you honestly think the events in Chicago, involving the handicapped white kid and the black individuals, wasn't a racist act or a hate crime, unwatch me. Block me. Don't fucking talk to me. Fuck you if you think there is nothing wrong with kidnappings and torturing someone because of the color of their skin. "Reverse racism" doesn't exist. It's just racism.

I am sick to my stomach by this event and more so that the Illinois police and fake news groups are trying to pass this off as not being a hate crime and they're just "misunderstood kids". Fuck no. These monsters need to be punished to the FULL extent of the law. I say they deserve the death penalty. Let them experience the pain and fear they caused to that young man.

Now let me say this before anyone bring up my race. I am biracial. I am black.
I have also worked with mentally and physically handicapped adults and they are so sweet. I am fucking heartbroken that this shit it being down played by the evil leftists.
Don't fucking come at me with your minority and oppression propaganda, because I am, in fact, a fucking minority.
Transphobia and Homophobia aren't that big of a deal in Western Society.
I'm going to say this only once. If you EVER tell someone to kill them self, threaten to kill someone or anything related, do NOT watch me/unwatch me/don't talk to me.

Yeah, I'm a blunt asshole, but I will never condone this kind of behavior. Ever.
If you want a headcanon for my voice I'd go with Keemstar. It's not very similar to my irl one, but I'd like to think it kinda fit with my rants and shit lmao

This isn't to say I like Keem. I really dislike him but he does have his moments & I admire the fact that he is a good father.
Okay. If you post about how much you self harmed or how you tried to commit suicide, please just get bent. You're nothing more than a whiny little brat and I am 100% certain it didn't actually happen. Do the world a favor and shut the fuck up.


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